Thursday, 14 May 2009

Glowing Goldfish (2001)

"The Inspiration for glowing goldfish " (summary) Trans. Chris Harry

Yesterday's "Morning News" published an article entitled "The challenge of viewing goldfish by night". Pondering the question of whether goldfish could be made to flicker and glow like fireflies in the dark of night belongs to the realm of truly inspired and original thought. Scientists acknowledge that others have come up with this idea, but the odds of accomplishing this were so extremely remote that no one had realized this goal in the past. Then, a group of bold thinking and determined middle school students applied their initiative by utilizing contemporary genetic engineering techniques and finally met with success. Using firefly genes, eight students from the Yangpu Middle School injected them into fertilized goldfish eggs, thereby creating the world's first luminescent goldfish. (Xinwen Chenbao) 2001-07-05

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