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Cockroach in Food - Restaurant Owner Covers Tracks by Destroying Evidence (2001)

Cockroach in Food - Restaurant Owner Covers Tracks by Destroying Evidence

     Guangxi, Liuzhou - After a bug is found in a customer's order, a fast-food restaurant owner makes an artful show of apologizing in order to remove the ‘evidence’.
     On October 29th, Miss Zhang went to the fast-food restaurant she usually goes to for lunch next to the computer company where she works. She and three co-workers ordered two orders of fast food and sat down to eat. To their shock, they discovered a cockroach in one of the dishes after only a few bites into their meal. Naturally, upon seeing the dead, thumb-sized arthropod in one of the dishes, all four of them felt more than a tad nauseous.
     When they demanded an explanation from the proprietress, she sceptically asked one of the staff to go and have a look. After the worker confirmed that there was in fact a bug, and relayed this to her, she reluctantly came over to their table. Somewhat nonplussed after eyeballing the large roach she started to make a phone call and then put the phone back down.
     Then came an inspiration. The owner quickly marched back over to their table, picked up the roach-infested dish and then asked the customers if they could still see a bug in the food as she removed the offending item, threw it on the ground, and stamped on it with a vengeance.
     By the time Miss Zhang and her colleagues had realized what had happened, “exhibit a” had been mashed to a pulp and the owner offered not to charge them anything for their “lunch”.
     Dissatisfied with the handling of the affair, the four customers immediately dialled "12315" to make a complaint. After having enquired about their complaint, the person receiving the call confirmed, in no uncertain terms, that their complaint could not be processed since the evidence had already been destroyed.

Chen Jie--(Nanguo Morning Post, 2001-11-02)

Translated and edited by D. Christopher Harry

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