Sunday, 31 January 2016

刁皇绰号选集 Selected Nicknames for his Rotundness Emperor Xi

Here is a selection of some nicknames for the dearly immense dictator of China, most of which are my own inventions. I Hope you like them and please share your own versions or feel free to offer your own English translations of the following sobriquets. Thanks!


刁假假  Faker Daddy Xi
刁泽东  Mao the Second
习胖子 Big-bottom Xi
庆丰包子帝 The Stuffed Bun Qinfeng Emperor
习包子 Stuffed Bun Xi
大肚肚 Big belly Xi
习禁评 Anti-speech Xi
习禁平 Anti-equality Xi
刁进瓶 Fell-in-the-bottle Xi
刁皇 Emperor Diao (Xi)
习尽贫 No-ideas Xi
习紧频 Crisis-monger Xi
刁撒币 Burn-Money Xi
刁二胖子 Fatty Xi Jr. of the Imperial Red Family
习精病 Wingnut Xi

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