Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Emperor Xi: I want True Dictatorship

刁皇:我要真独裁 (他的独裁梦)

Emperor Xi: I want True Dictatorship

Pictured here with a fake yellow umbrella, an homage to the Umbrella Revolution where Hong Kong students bravely demonstrated and protested in their demand for true elections. Emperor Xi's make-believe response is depicted above as,  "I want true dictatorship".

The yellow colour of the umbrella also represents a colour that was reserved only for the Emperor in ancient China. In the past, any subject discovered wearing fabric dyed in Imperial yellow could be subject to the death penalty.

This is symbolic of how human rights have been further eroded and weakened just as party Emperor Xi has been concentrating more and more dictatorial powers in his own hands since his rise to power.

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